Can Microblading Really Fix Uneven Eyebrows?

Well-defined eyebrows can make a big difference in how you look. It helps improve your confidence and makes a big impression amongst your friends and family. That’s why most people yearn for even eyebrows. But what happens if you have uneven eyebrows? How can you fix uneven eyebrows? This article answers the question of – “Can microblading fix uneven eyebrows?”


There are many reasons for patchy or uneven eyebrows. Here are some of the common causes of uneven eyebrows.


Hair Loss – Frontal fibrosing alopecia is a condition that affects your scalp as well as the eyebrows. This type of hair loss affects men as well as women. If you have patchy or uneven eyebrows, this condition might be affecting you.


Overplucking – When you groom the eyebrows by way of plucking, waxing or tweezing, it can affect the way your eyebrows look. Overplucking can result in uneven eyebrows. In the process of trying to keep the eyebrows even, you might start plucking hairs from each side alternatively. This can result in overplucking – making your eyebrows look uneven. This is another reason for having patchy or uneven eyebrows.


Botox Injections – If you have ever used botox injections for crow’s feet or lines between your eyebrows, you may have uneven eyebrows. The reason for this is one muscle may be more impacted than the other due to the procedure. This could result in uneven or patchy eyebrows.


How Do You Measure The Eyebrows?


Measuring your eyebrows is important to groom them so that they are in ideal proportion to your face. This measurement is important when grooming your eyebrows so that they look even. The brows should be aligned with the outer bridge of your nose. You need to find the natural arch of your brows to groom them evenly. If you have been overplucking, waxing or using botox injections, it might be difficult to find the natural arch. You may use an eyebrow pencil to trace the natural arch. There are different procedures for treating uneven or patchy eyebrows. Microblading eyebrows are one of the best procedures for treating uneven eyebrows.


What Is Microblading?


Microblading is an effective process that helps you get fuller and natural-looking eyebrows. This is a semi-permanent process that doesn’t wash off or requires daily maintenance like other cosmetic procedures. Microblading creates the appearance of fuller eyebrows that mimic the looks of natural eyebrow hairs. It will change the shape of your eyebrows and fill in sparse eyebrow areas. That’s why microblading is considered one of the best cosmetic procedures to fix uneven or patchy eyebrows. The treatment will add pigment to the skin in hair-like strokes. A highly specialised needle-tipped tool is used for the procedure. After making fine incisions to the skin, the pigment that has been dyed to match your hair colour is applied and absorbed into the incisions. The resulting brow will combine the faux microblading hairs with your natural eyebrow hairs to create better-looking and even eyebrows.


Long-Term Microbladed Eyebrow Care


You should treat the micro-bladed eyebrows by using a quality sunscreen daily to prevent the pigmentation from fading. Don’t apply anti-ageing creams to the eyebrows because the additives could affect the microblading pigments. Regular moisturising would be fine in this regard. Microblading won’t stop the natural growth of your eyebrow hairs. That’s why you need to keep up with the regular eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tinting even after the microblading procedure. These are important things to consider when microblading your eyebrows for natural-looking and fuller eyebrows.


The aforementioned article answers the question of – “Can microblading fix uneven eyebrows?”