Does Yoga Help With Sciatica?

yoga for sciatica reliefSciatica is a painful condition many people live with. A lot of sufferers turn to over-the-counter painkillers or are prescribed painkillers by their doctors because they don’t know what else they can do. More and more people are turning to yoga, which can help with sciatica. If you want to find out how it helps and what poses you should try, then continue to read on.


What Do Studies Say


Generally speaking, there aren’t that many studies specifically focusing on yoga’s effects on sciatica. However, there are many studies that have shown that yoga can help those with lower back pain. One particular study has shown that yoga is an effective form of physical therapy.


In another study, it was noted that yoga did have positive benefits for those suffering from sciatica. That study was published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. Although it’s important to note that yoga cannot cure sciatica or heal sciatica, it can significantly reduce pain associated with sciatica. To find out more about the benefits of yoga, check out this site:


How It Helps


There are a number of ways yoga helps. The top ways include:


. Reduces Pain- Yoga is known for reducing pain. This goes for virtually all kinds of pain, including lower back pain, which is one of the main types of pain people experience when they have sciatica. If you have a sharp pain in your lower back and legs, then it’s time to start doing yoga.


. Strengthens Muscles- A lot of people want to strengthen their muscles but they don’t want to train with weights or do anything too rigorous. This is another reason why yoga helps with sciatica. As your lower back muscles strengthen and become more toned, you should experience less pain.


. Posture- If you’re like some people with sciatica, then maintaining good posture is difficult. Unfortunately, poor posture can really kickoff sciatica symptoms or make them worse. By doing yoga regularly, you’ll improve your posture, balance, and alignment. As a result, your sciatica symptoms should improve.


. Reduce Tension- Finally, yoga helps with sciatica because it reduces tension in both the back and the legs. These two areas of the body tend to be the most painful for those who have sciatica. If you do yoga on a regular basis, then the tension in your legs and back might be released and you’ll feel a lot better.


Those are the top ways yoga helps with sciatica. Do you want to get relief from sciatica? If so, then start doing yoga.


Poses To Do


Although there are many poses you can do, there are some that are thought to be better than others. We’ve chosen four yoga poses that are ideal to do if you have sciatica. Those four poses are:


1. The Dolphin Pose- This is a basic yoga pose that mainly focuses on strengthening the arms and legs. As you know, sciatica can cause a great deal of pain in the legs. This is why the dolphin pose is one of the best poses to do.


2. The High Lunge- This pose is great for the glutes. It’s easy to do and beginner friendly. There are different variations of this pose, so feel free to choose the variation you think is best for you.


3. Staff Pose- This is another easy pose to do. Simply sit on the ground with your legs straight out. Keep them together and sit straight and hold the pose.


4. Reclining Hero Pose- The last pose is the reclining hero pose. It might look a bit difficult to do, but it isn’t. This pose stretches out several parts of the body, which is why you should incorporate it into your yoga routine.


As you can see, yoga can help with sciatica. If you want to finally get relief from sciatica pain and improve your overall health, then start doing yoga today. Remember, you need to be consistent and patient with a yoga routine before you see and feel results.